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How to a buy a Suzuki Motorcycle problem free in 7 Steps...

1. Do your research. Check reviews and articles for the motorcycle you want to buy. Talk to a motorcycle professional. At Yamaha Suzuki Can Am Victory of Mineola our salespeople have a minimum of 20 years riding and motorcycle sales experience. You can be confident we will help you choose the appropriate motorcycle.

2. Purchase only from a New York Suzuki authorized dealer with service support. Check customer reviews, Better Business Bureau or local consumer affairs ratings. Dealers with many negative reviews should not be trusted. No dealer is perfect but many complaints mean there are problems with the dealership. Yamaha Suzuki Can Am Victory of Mineola has very high motorcycle dealer ratings in NY, Long Island. See our customer reviews at

3. Walk away if a deal is too complicated, or the sales person wants to go through a 3rd party. At Yamaha Suzuki Can Am Victory of Mineola YOUR SALESPERSON HANDLES THE WHOLE TRANSACTION. You are not switched between a salesperson and a high pressure finance person. You will feel like at home at our NY Suzuki motorcycle dealership.

4. Be cautious motorcycle Bait-and-switch tactics. . An advertisement shows a price that is too good to be true and them a dishonest salesperson will try to switch you to another bike. Deceptive advertising is common in the motorcycle industry. Buyer beware. You can trust Yamaha Suzuki Can Am Victory of Mineola. Thousands of happy customers from the NY Tri-State area have purchased new and used motorcycles from us in the past 49 years.

5. Make sure the dealer has been in business for many years. Typically dealerships that keep changing ownership are in it for fast profits and not interested in customer service. Yamaha Suzuki Can Am Victory of Mineola has been in business for 49 years and located in Mineola, Long Island, NY. In the center of Nassau County. Close to the Long Island Expressway, Northern State Pkwy and near the Long Island Railroad.

6. A face-to-face sale is best. Get to know who you are dealing with. If you’re not comfortable from the first impression you will likely not be happy in the long run. When purchasing from a dealer on the internet check the dealer’s history, ratings, and don't prepay the purchase until you pick up the motorcycle at the dealership. Yamaha Suzuki Can Am Victory of Mineola is family owned and operated. We can have confidence when purchasing a new or used Suzuki Motorcycle.

7. If it's a used bike, check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the title against the actual motorcycle. This is often overlooked and occasionally turns out to bite the new buyer. Also, make sure it's a clean title, that is, one with no encumbrances, such as a bank or mechanic lien. Make certain the title isn't marked salvage, because it means the bike was totaled by an insurance company in the past and is now worth a lot less money. Yamaha Suzuki Can Am Victory of Mineola inspects every used motorcycle and in most cases can offer nationwide warranties on used motorcycles. You can buy a motorcycle with confidence at our NY motorcycle dealership.

Suzuki is surely one of the most popular motorcycle manufacturing companies in the world but it's also an important automobile manufacturer, having no less than 45,000 employees in 23 countries. The company managed to establish an impressive dealership network in 192 countries around the world and 133 distributors.

The Suzuki history: It all started in 1909 when Michio Suzuki founded his own company named Suzuki Loom Company. In case you're wondering what's with this name, find out that Suzuki was initially a company which produced weaving looms for the Japanese market. In 1990, Suzuki decided to change its name to Suzuki Motor Corporation, but the newly-renamed company continued to release new models of cars and motorcycles. For instance, Suzuki rolled out both the Wagon R+ and the Every- in 1999. In addition, the company provided some statistics that did nothing more than to support the statement that Suzuki had an impressive growth since it first appeared on the market: the Japan sales reached 10 million units in 1994 while in 1995, the total number of exported motorcycles reached 20 million units.

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